The terrifying apartment is a very scary horror story

The mother took her five children to live in Helwan, and they searched a lot on an apartment where they lived until they found a cheap and suitable apartment for them and their financial situation. When the residents of the area learned that the family of Islam would rent I asked the real estate agent and told him what they said. He told her they wanted the apartment for themselves. He did not agree because the apartment had many advantages in terms of space and location. If there is a defect you have to say Now, the broker told her that she only needs to arrange and repair, she took the mother of Islam the key from the realtor, and went and her children to the apartment, and found the door covered with dirt as if it had passed forever and did not open, and went out neighbors look to the mother of Islam and her children are opening the door and enter it, He said to them that she saw a headless woman with her neck hanging from her back. This woman walked from the first window to the door of the room. He repeated this several times. His brothers said, laughing, that they were fantasies and fantasies, but the mother Her children did not share the laughter and ridicule of my brother They cleaned up the apartment, and during the cleaning they found traces of blood but interpreted it as a kind of paint used to paint the walls, and they furnished the furniture they brought with them from the city of Fayoum,

The terrifying apartment is a very scary horror story

The two rooms were a room for the mother and two daughters Dina and Sabreen and a room for boys Islam and Muhammad and Khaled, and at night Islam studied his lessons as every evening, and approached the dawn and decided to Islam stop and drink water before he slept, but he woke his brother Mohammed to feel afraid of going to the kitchen alone, but Muhammad refused to wake up , And went to Islam alone for the kitchen, but felt the movement behind him and turned around did not find anyone final, drank and awakened his brother Mohammed to drink and then returned to sleep, and in the morning the boys went to school, and when they came home I asked the mother Islam Did you want something yesterday because you put the pen in your mouth and your word And did not respond to me, I was surprised by the words of Islam He said that he did not come to her room yesterday, and that he went to drink and Muhammad drank too, but Mohammed said he did not wake up yesterday and did not drink. Everyone was afraid of what happened and the mother decided to ask the realtor about what was happening and took her children with her, but they did not find the realtor. They meet the broker,
And he found that his brother Khalid was awake and said that he would not sleep and would remain awake with him, but after about half an hour they decided to sleep and slept. He found his mother and his brothers around him and told him that he saw a nightmare. During his conversation they found the red paint, which they thought was blood returned to the walls, although they washed it well and removed it from all the walls of the rooms. I was told that they had to endure what was happening because they had no other choice,

The terrifying apartment is a very scary horror story

One day, Islam spoke to a high school classmate named Bassem, telling him what was happening in their house, but in the name of laughing at his words, Islam decided to invite him to his home to study with him and see himself. From Basim’s father to stay with Bassem for the night and go together to school the next day. Basim’s father agreed and remained in the name of Islam until he came to bed. He slept in a lounge on a sofa and Nam Islam slept in his bed. In the morning he awoke in a terrified name. Who quickly wore school clothes, came down to Islam and told him he did not Reed to talk to him again and said to Islam that he heard the sound of two feet on the carpet of the house, saw under the couch a black hand, and asked Islam to save his brothers and his mother, ran Islam to his house and the door ways his mother quickly opened the door, and ran Islam to the couch and found the black arm described as under the couch And when he took out his mother screamed loudly, and woke up everyone in the apartment, and came out Sabrin cut hair and the body of Dina hit the effects of severe, and cut off the electricity from the apartment, and shouted everyone, and heard on the door of the apartment sounds of roads on the door, and neighbors broke the door, The image of a woman killed in the mirror, neighbors said is that woman Which was killed from a period

The terrifying apartment is a very scary horror story

And they told him that there was a couple in the apartment and the wife was pregnant, and one day the wife and her brother got hurt and attacked her and tightened her hair and cut it, and they muffled her mouth and strangled her and they cut the body, and threw the body parts in the garbage and when the police arrived to solve the mystery of the crime found all the remains of the victim except Her arm is north, the broker is the owner of the original apartment, and the broker fled with your money, so the mother decided to leave the apartment and return to Fayoum.

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