The story of the torture and murder of Junko Furuta

Is a human being born a criminal and a murderer by nature? It is not natural for a human to instinctively turn toward evil, to commit crimes and to savor the torture of others, but some seem to learn it gradually, or as soon as the idea is cooked in his head , Are subject to implementation without interruption, and this is what happened to the girl Junko, who has become the victim of severe torture.
Junko is a 17-year-old Japanese girl. After celebrating her seventeenth birthday in 1988, she went to her high school to receive her flag. While on her way back from school, she was walking on a street near her home, Suddenly, a car stopped in front of her. Four of the young men who had tripped over her stopped and surrounded her. They dragged the girl into the car in a clear abduction.

The story of the torture and murder of Junko Furuta

The four young men went to the house of one of the poor girls, where his parents were on a journey outside the town, and in this house lived poor Goneko, the last forty-four days in her life, before her soul rose to the Creator because of the torture.

After they arrived at the house, the young man of the house contacted the girl’s parents and told her that she had fled from the house with one of her friends and that she was fine and had no need to worry about her or to search for her. She did not want to go home again. The main reason is that the Jonko family has not been informed of their disappearance.
Since the first day, and began the four young exercise their brutality sadistic, against the poor girl, they completely stripped and forced to practice masturbation in front of them, and then rotate rape, where they later admitted that they had attacked them more than four hundred times!
In addition, they inserted some cracker toys in her anus, mouth and ears until the girl was bleeding badly. They made her body extinguished for their cigarettes. They forced her to sleep naked on the balcony of the house in the cold Tokyo weather, the shivering of her pain and the cold weather.
However, Jounko tried to escape and made an unfinished phone call where one of them saw her and decided to teach her a lesson. They hung her on the ceiling from her hands and began to kick her until her internal organs were torn apart and her stomach was bleeding. She put her head down on the ground and kicked her hard until she lost consciousness. They tied her hands and feet, then poured incendiary material on them, set them on fire, and threw them out of the balcony again.

The story of the torture and murder of Junko Furuta

The young man’s parents came to the house and saw the poor girl but they did not move! The girl’s father said that the leader of these boys was a member of the Yakuza gangs and could avenge himself if he were released.
The four young men remained in the torture of the girl, and they went to the house and continued to kick her until she was bleeding badly and started to kill her. Her eyes trembled, they thought she was making it up to let her go. One of them beat her and the girl did not move, so they realized that she had died.

The story of the torture and murder of Junko Furuta

They put the body inside a barrel and placed cement blocks on it. They threw the barrel into an old car park. The body was not discovered until a year later when the area was combed.
When Junko’s mother learned of her torture, she collapsed and was placed in a mental health clinic for treatment. But the boys’ lawyer managed to get them out of the case, claiming they were teenagers and did not realize what they had done, and you could believe that these murderers were still free to this day! The father of the young man who committed the crime at his home gave the house to the girl’s father, instead of her family for her death
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