The story of an Egyptian spy adores the role of a woman part

And obtain audible and written evidence condemning him.
After the death of the leader
Since Anwar Sadat took power in Egypt in succession to leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in 20
In December 1970, he turned his entire policy toward a strategy of reconciliation with Israel
Was in his personal belief is the easiest and the closest way to reach the Arab leadership
Which it seeks through a peaceful solution to the Middle East problem with America’s participation, and so forth
This is followed by injections of blood and prosperity. Sadat did not care much about the content of peace
Or its guarantees and consequences as much as it was looking for a popular leadership beyond the leadership of Gamal Abd
Sadat first toppled the symbols of power loyal to Nasser in May
1971, and then a faculty to open channels of secret communication with the United States
American, and alone alone after changing the strategic goal of the state,
The intimidation of our loss of life and equipment in the event of war, and the use of the media
To renounce war and publicize its new approach to the Middle East crisis
And the Arab-Israeli conflict. Sadat had to eliminate any dissenting voice
His views, and his trends.
Therefore, there was an internal opposition force that worried him, along with the opposition of the Union
Soviet policy, he expelled the Soviet experts from Egypt, and leaked the news about
Sadat’s intention to agree to Moshe Dayan’s proposal that Israel withdraw its forces
East of the canal for a distance of 30-40 km in return for the return of navigation to
Suez Canal. Despite Sadat’s denunciation of the Israeli proposal, he thought a lot
In this solution, which will give him a luster and leadership for the withdrawal of the Jews without shedding a point
One blood.
And because the internal opposition increased its voice, and called the public pulse to avenge the dignity
Arabic, and the land recapture according to the statement of Abdel Nasser ‘What is taken by force does not recover
Without force ‘, the opposition of students in Egyptian universities took many forms.

The story of an Egyptian spy adores the role of a woman part

Resulted from the breeding of strong Nasserite cells believing in the principles of Nasser and his political line,
The secret publications appeared among the students overflowing with patriotism, denouncing Sadat’s policy
His vision of the crisis, and the feeling of patriotism of all other students throughout the republic, has multiplied
And therefore their demands to follow the former leader’s approach to recover the stolen right.

Israel was also in a constant state of boiling, and reports coming to it
The real vision, or the strategic approach taken by the Government, is hardly clear
Egyptian opposition to face popular rejection of its position is not clear from the crisis.

And from here . . Activated her spies in Cairo to take the pulse of the general influential street
The Egyptians are the students, who have always carried on their shoulders the curves of politics
And the Egyptian decision. These spies in the dozens at that time represented networks
All of them working for the State of Israel. Among them was an odd spy
Hamouda, who was sent specifically to Cairo to prepare reports on students in universities
After his previous success in his previous mission in Lebanon, and gaining experience
Intelligence and high skilled, qualify him to work in Egypt without being revealed by the intelligence service
The fall of the spy.
Omar Hamouda mixed up with the student community at the university city and was able to enter
The Ain Shams campus, which houses the faculties of law, science, literature and commerce.
Through his constant hesitation, she is known as a girl in the third year of the Faculty of Arts
Department of Greek and Latin Studies – the oldest sections of the College – and tried to be inspired
His love. But she noticed a lot of his talk about Israel and his participation in anti-Egyptian demonstrations
Abroad, the girl feared him, especially after he tried repeatedly to know through
The students’ pulse as a member of the student union failed miserably with her. . in a
At the same time as the colleagues of his brother Abdul Hamid, in conjunction with the Security Investigation
The state, arrange to order it quickly.
According to the plan, the students prepared a Samar session in their room at the university city
After providing them with a precise recording device, the traitor sat among them reviewing his heroic work
‘Delusional’ in Libya, recognizing that it was a ‘hard work’ and explicitly acknowledged its relationship
In the Israeli Consulate in Turkey and trained by the Mossad, and offered them services
Material and moral if they periodically report the activities of hostile students
Israel, and publications distributed within the university. The whale of the session attacks the spy
On the general situation in Egypt and insulting officials and the government.
Several hours later, the traitor went to his brother’s room in building D while he was carrying
Students cassette tape to the SSI team located near them, after
Listening to the tape and presenting the matter to the officials, the prosecution issued an order
Immediately arrest him.
At 3:00 am on 19 May 1973, the force in charge of his arrest was dispatched
To the university city and took him to the investigation. And when the traitor discovers the disclosure of his order
Egyptian authorities, he hit his head with his fist and then his cheeks and searched his papers were found
A list of the costs for which it came and includes (xiii) a handwritten assignment of information

The story of an Egyptian spy adores the role of a woman part

For the student movement in Egypt, obtain copies of the publications that are distributed within
Universities, elements that control students, and information on the economic situation
The location of rockets on the Canal, and the desire of the Egyptian people for a peaceful solution
Or, conversely, information on Palestinian students in Egypt, and on integration.
And advised Captain Sami before traveling to tear the paper assignments, but the spy forgot it or
He ridiculed his advice. . He also found the hotel bill in Istanbul and written
They were ‘paid by the Israeli consulate’.
The spy admitted everything before the SSSC, headed by the Chancellor
Mustafa Abdel Wahab Khalil, and sentenced to hard labor. although
The investigations confirmed that he did not transmit any information from Egypt, and that the information is
Being caught with him does not pose a danger.
He could have been transferred to Lebanon for trial if he had been sentenced to less than one
Life, but 25 years between prison walls – uncle

Other – can destroy and build
Many things in the life of traitor, abnormal

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