The apartment is very scary

The apartment is very scary
The mysterious circumstances have happened to her, since she moved to that damned alien apartment, many calamities and disasters calling for escape from the apartment and departure, the mysterious disappearance of her husband, but she will not leave the apartment and complete it, not because she wants to experience something new or that she likes, She has the money to leave or move to a new apartment, she had to adapt and continue to live in it, and strange that the place I live from the house loved her as they liked it, and when I decided to leave Ammar refused to invite her to leave, they love and want with them, Very from Egypt in the site of realistic stories entitled Apartment Touch Ikegami horror.
The apartment is inhabited
I started the story almost a year ago that I moved to that new apartment was an apartment at an attractive price and the amount he owned did not increase the owner of a single penny for the amount we had at the time, but it was a flat sense and pessimism Yes do not be surprised, it is also the meaning of the word, Feet of which brings you evil and brings them good “
Since I moved to live in this apartment, I have suffered many calamities, during this year I can not imagine nor believe it until today, where my husband disappeared in mysterious circumstances Evaporated water at noon No one knows his way, and the accused accused me of killing him Yes kill him I am the kind girl who is afraid of mouse and insects, In the case of the killing of Via, she was accused of irony and measures
I have spent the worst days of my life in investigations to prove my innocence, and after I got out of prison and everyone confirmed that I do not know the way he tried to sell that apartment too much lethargy … It was in my name I felt that it felt and gave the evil and evil to me and my family and my husband I do not know him A road I could not sell at the time and

no one asks me why?
But I asked that damned apartment and was talking strange things at the last moment to prevent the sale, I do not know how but it occurs although I offer them at a price below the price to get rid of them, and then advised me some friends to make an online advertisement on one of the major real estate sites, and told me that I will sell the apartment quickly I tried to publish the ad on that site but they told me that I have to put some money with an account number in one of the banks first and then publish the advertisement. I did not have the money. My husband disappeared and left me nothing but that apartment. Even my relatives and friends abandoned me one by one I could not post the ad N then.
And tried to adapt to the apartment and live in it and drove out the idea of ​​selling from my head .. And after finding work …
In the beginning I will not hide on you I feel that I am not alone in the apartment and there are those who keep watching me I always occupy the Holy Quran channel glory … I heard strange sounds in the apartment like the sound of the wind whistling but it was very high I convinced myself that the sounds of wind outside because I live high?
The electricity of the apartment is very strange and works on its own. Do not be surprised, this is what happened with me. Every day a lamp was burning in the apartment with a loud voice that I replaced to burn again once it was installed. The burning of the lamp did not happen except in the bedroom. I did not have the money to buy a lamp every day. I have given up on luxury for a while. In the end I left the lamp as it was and I was in the other rooms lit. What would I do with the light in the bedroom, I return from my work exhausted I want nothing but darkness then To sleep.
Two days after the lamp was left burning in the bedroom, the lamp turned on at only certain times of the day like playing with me, so it was a silly lamp. I woke up from sleep, worried to find it lighted and the light tired my eyes shut it up again and I felt tense and scared. I said I was brave and brought an electrician to see the lamp. He told me that the power button is hanging and that makes him open on his own. I was convinced by the man’s words, that’s what I wanted to hear and fix it for me.
After two days, the room came back to turn off its lamp again, alone, what a disaster for what I do, I changed the lamp and tried it in another room and I lit the lamp, it was not burned or damaged I said to myself:He may have returned the button and commented again … Who knows I should calm down that everything is normal I know?
I put an old burning lamp in the room and replaced the other. I love everything to be perfect and its beautiful, and the room’s view without a lamp made me feel nauseous and tense. I do not know why?
There was something inside me that told me that a lamp should be placed in the room. It is not important to light it, but to the general view, then that internal appeal came and I put that damaged lamp in the room and I said I would not buy a new lamp for that strange room. Whatever happened and to happen, I looked at the burning lamp with admiration and gratitude. When the garbage was burned
A day after the malfunctioning lamp was installed, the room lit up again and I woke up to a strong light that blinded my eyes. At that time I was not surprised and convinced myself that the lamp was probably intact and not burning.
I always had a job in the morning and I do not want to be late so I do not have to pay anything. I need every penny and my children need it. I have no other source of income. And another, but I was used to it in the end.
And after the matter did not concern me or even interest me, and what is the problem that the rooms close the lamp and lit it on its own The man said that the button is stuck, and will not fix it seconds no matter what happened, and then the problem went to the kitchen the same problem The lamp burns and lights alone, and this time, , I will not bring an electrician to fix it … I will deal with it myself, I will not try to unplug the power button and endanger myself not, but I just put a small lamp put directly in the cage and lived in the dark did not care.

I was trying to deal with anything that happened in the apartment. The bathroom door was opened and closed on its own. It was frightening in my children. I told them that there was no need for fear. I decided to leave it always open and put something heavy in front of the door. I was trying to deal with things myself so that I could live because my material conditions were unstable and my salary was almost enough for the basic requirements of life, there is no time for luxury ..

After a few months the world began to improve and completely amended the view on the sale of the apartment, they are as wide and cold as ice, in the heat of free. I do not need a fan or cooler, so where will I find such an apartment I said to myself with satisfaction:
If God did not do something strange in the apartment, I would be surprised, like the loud sounds I always hear when I get back from work and before I enter, the sounds of the strong winds … I know that Perhaps the sound of the wind, I am in a high role, everything I used to and no longer worries me or feel the fear, but became a human and I do not know how I wonder of my sometimes strange thing is what happened with me last night?

One of them called me to tell me that he would come tomorrow at noon to see the apartment. He had read the ad on the net selling the apartment and he and his wife would not come. I did not know why I felt a lump in my throat and my chest was tight. I could not answer the man by phone. I felt there was something wrong. I closed the line with the man and called one of my friends asking her to contact the man and tell him that the apartment is not for sale in that period and we will contact him
If we changed our mind then my friend called me to tell me that the man’s line was closed

I could not tell him why, maybe because I did not understand what was happening and I was feeling tense and scared I do not know why?
I contacted the man in the morning from my job and told him that the apartment was not for sale. The man told me that the owner of the apartment called me to tell him that the apartment had been sold and there were no apartments for sale. I felt comfortable but I was surprised to say my friend to the man was not what we agreed upon. Today, by coincidence, The famous real estate companies are telling me that they agreed to publish the ad for free and strangest after about eight months of their refusal to advertise ..
Because I did not make the required amount in the bank account ..
I was amazed at how long the ads were funded. And the amounts they publish for free?
It does not matter, everything is permissible and possible to happen in life. I called my friend to thank her for talking to the man and her time was shocked. My friend told me that she did not contact the man from the beginning. The man today is closed and unavailable, but from the woman who contacted the man and where she came from, Real estate and marketing to publish my advertising free of charge and strange that yesterday, which is more than eight months?
The residents of the apartment may have adapted from the jinn to living with their new human beings as they have adapted to them
They wanted not to leave them who knows, but from the third party who wants to spoil that relationship ???
And how long will the third party remain hidden and does not express himself clearly whether he is human or geni …
Or an impure spirit rejects what is happening?
But if your husband came back and knew something or is still missing, you did not tell us yet. If you have a horror story or a strange situation that passed through you or a strange habit in your country, remind us of the comments to know the most frightening people in the world.

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