Nursing School for Parents

Nursing School for Parents

Having a child brings with it the need to acquire prior knowledge to give them the best care throughout their lives. On many occasions, parents have doubts and questions related to the baby’s day-to-day life and many times their kid-related issues may remain unresolved. To avoid this, many hospitals all around the country have combined an additional educational section as a Nursing School for Parents. Directed and organized by professional nurses in which, through several-hour talks, they teach parents basic concepts for the care of their beloved little ones.

What Does a Nursing School for Parents Teach You?

Choking and accident prevention, CPR, going home, and breastfeeding are some of the several topics discussed at these meetings. Nurses play an essential role in this education and, for this reason, they are responsible for the project.

During the sessions, the nurses provide the needed material for parents to practice the maneuvers they are taught and learn to act in a risky situation. The nurses are in charge of explaining to them how they should proceed and, with life-size dolls, they show them the positions and movements they should do.

According to the program instructors, what is most difficult for most parents is knowing how to respond instantly in cases of accidents to save their child’s life. For this reason, it is essential that they rehearse with these dolls. 

After these classes, the usual confusion of the parents disappears and they go home much more relaxed and ready to have their newborn.

For both assistants and nurses, these Nursing School for Parents should be carried out in even more hospitals because it offers the proper environment for babies to grow up healthier with their more experienced and skilled parents.

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