Ji Ji scary story already occurred

Ji Ji
I was coming back all the primary month to go to my family in Cairo, and on it day I rode the train and referred to as my mother to inform her that i used to be on the thanks to them, and ready ME the food I worshipped, however it absolutely was terribly unhappy. My mother was crying with terror. I asked her in horror: What happened, Mom?
She replied with nice disappointment and defeated, saying:

  • Today, our father Fuad died, his youngsters and his adult female all died these days and here i used to be horrified:
  • there’s no power except in God and the way they died, my mother, I don’t understand?
  • They died gas suffocation at nighttime and nobody survived God’s mercy. they found the bodies these days and also the police in Amarah. i used to be terribly unhappy for these youngsters. I worshipped them such a lot and that they loved my female. Whenever we tend to came from Minya, they took them with the lodging and contend with them. the little ones they take with McDonald’s meals.
    My female, WHO failed to pay over 2 years wiggling with them, was greatly soft on with the 2 youngsters. “The lady was nicknamed” Ji-ga “and the boy was” Hamada. “Ji-ga was the eldest of her brothers.
    I was terribly unhappy and that i felt the pain and that i wished to depart and come back however I couldn’t leave and return to Minya in real once more, and set to travel to my family’s house these days and return to my house the following day
    The room was the space below the room “Jie Jah and Hamada” during which they were found at nighttime, once time of day I awoke to the sound of my girl happy loudly and enjoying and sitting on the bed, and here i attempted to seem at the darkness and see what happens I failed to apprehend, however my girl laugh and play as if there’s somebody wiggling with darkness, I lit the space lamp with tension i will be able to not deny.
    I found my girl sitting on the bed, observing the
  • ceiling of the space as she laughed with pleasure and command her hand one in every of the small McDonald’s games in her hands, and here I felt the stress and panic I aforesaid to her during a tense voice:
  • wherever did you bring that game my love?
    She failed to have a look at ME however she unbroken observing the ceiling of the space, happy and raising her hands high and hesitating:
  • GG
    I know that my youngsters cannot see what we are able to not see. there’s no transparency in America. is that the spirit of the lady still stuck within the room? Are the souls still stuck in the place? Forty days once her death?
    I don’t apprehend at the time I took to browse what I keep from the Quran.
    The next day I went and visited my house however the strange factor is that I failed to watch the sport on my bed with my girl and that i don’t apprehend wherever I went these days, and of course I don’t need to understand something

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