Prince of Darkness Part

  • A while ago you told me that you want what is more precious to explain my vision .. Now I ask you again to tell me about its interpretation ..
  • What we want can not afford
  • Tell me what is it!
  • What we want is the following …
  • Well lady “Matilda” this food account
    I would like to come back tomorrow, I hope that Tenp will end soon enough to return to our world and leave this world full of these pathetic creatures.
    After she finished her work in the restaurant, she closed it and went to the house. She went up to her room and dressed in the nightgown and sat on the bed. She heard a voice at the bottom. She went downstairs to see what was happening. Doubt wanted but she went to the door to close it, and once turned to find a group of demons attack, but rushed to change the shape,
    And started fighting them with all their strength, but they were the most number of them, and they have weapons of swords and hammers and chains, and yet they held up in their fight and were able to only with great difficulty, so they threw them to the ground until they lost consciousness, and they linked and carried with them and One of them set fire to the whole house until it became ashes ….
    Hydra woke up to find herself constrained by chains made of black magic, surrounded by a group of demons tall, strong in structure, black like the night and their eyes red as blood, I looked at them angrily and cried out,
    You, demons, want to know the place of Tenp, but I will not tell you about it, and no one will touch it, and it will become the king and the throne.
  • “Hydra”
  • who are you ? Are you a follower of “Arcos”?! show yourself ..
    And went to her .. And found before her the last person you expect to do this, I looked at him regretfully and looked regretfully, and for the first time, tears of “Hydra” of this difficult position is also looked at and tears on the verge of falling and silence remained between them For a while … To you Hydra spoke, saying:
  • Why ? why you ?!
  • “Hydra” forgive me, but I must do this
  • Why, you o “Tenp” .. I did not expect you to do this!
    “Hydra” should be on my side this time too. If I do not, I will never get to the throne.
  • Want to reach the throne by what?!
  • forgive me in doing this, but I have to do it ..
    “Tenb” I loved you more than anything else, and I wish you would reach the throne, but now .. I hate you so much, and I hope that the demons of the Agens kill you before you reach the throne ..
    And then ordered one of his followers demons to bring him a sword, grabbed the sword and the shadow of approaching them slowly and she looks at him contempt and hatred, and he approached her sword and says to her:
  • forgive me
  • I hope you burn in hell ..
    Then he raised his hand and with one blow her head flew into the air.
    The sword fell from his hand and he was leaning on his knees in the ground at her head, and he kept screaming loudly until the place was shaken by the intensity of his screams.
    Carrying her head and went to the graves, followed the amulet until I attended the forces of darkness again and I spoke:
  • Did you do what we asked you, son of “Philos”?
  • Yes, I did, you made me sacrificed the most expensive thing I have
  • The most expensive thing you have? And do you consider this maid expensive to this degree? !!
  • She is the one who cheated me, and she took care of me, yes she is expensive ..
  • You idiot, she did it because you are a prince and you will become king, if you were otherwise to throw you to the demons of the Ajens, and now throw your head on the ground.
    And when the head fell on the ground until it caught fire, and they were screaming in the graves and the earth is shaking very hard and the screams rise and the wind intensifies, and the graves are caught and they said to him:
  • I came very close, you will reach your goal, you are the king ..
    Beware .. there are those who betray you, do not trust him ..
    Keep away from him, go to the well, go to the well, you’ll know the truth, there will be
    And it ended, and the sound was quiet and everything went back to normal, but .. Is this the thing and what?
    The Prince of Darkness stood silent for a moment, but his silence did not last long …
    Last Temptation Day
    In the vast square of the palace, and among the followers of the Prince of Darkness .. From human beings turning in a circle, and demons in the form of crows flying around the palace in the middle of the night, the Prince of Darkness stood in the middle of the square on a pentagram, In his hand a book and says:
  • The Prince of Darkness. Are you ready for the last spell?
  • Yes I am ready .. Start ..
    Hydros began to read the mantra, shaking the ground beneath it, the five-pointed star bursting around it, sounds coming out of the ground and the shadows surrounding the whole place, and it went on for several hours until everything stopped.
    The Prince of Darkness looked at “Hidus” and said to him:
  • Is that all?
    He looked at him and smiled, and then found the earth from the bottom vibrating, but this time he inhaled to get out of it large numbers of powerful demons of the structure, they have four centuries, wearing black jumpers carved with the sign of the Great Satan, and carrying swords and chains, Large tails carrying hammers, and attacked the followers in fierce fighting, to the fact that they were cut to pieces ..
    Tenp tried to attack them, and as soon as he changed his body until he was dumbfounded in the ground, and trembled with the intensity of this power he controlled, he preached the obedience of the demons until they were present in their images. Heidos read a few hymns from the book Until they stopped their place, and then ordered them to hold the Prince of Darkness and bind him.
    Tenb kept yelling at them and telling them to stop, but they were under the influence of the book and only minutes until a wormhole was opened. A human body came out, but it was different in human form. It was a little bulky, wearing a black shield and a face. He is very red, and his eyes are black like night.
    Once he came out he smiled a slag smile and said hit

The demons have to take the Prince of Darkness and one of the demons hit him on the head and then lost the “Tenpe” …
in this time ..

  • Open the gate
  • Yes sir
  • Bring this damned devil.
  • Stand on your feet, what is your weakness, your strength and can not stand?
    And this young man came back to him and looked at him and smiled and says to him in complete calm:
  • Hi, “Tenb” Do you remember me?
    In extreme weakness, Tenb replied:
  • who are you
  • I ? .. I am the envoy of King “Arkus” O Tenp, and I think you know what will happen to you now ..
    Come bring him ..
    They took the “Tenp” in the ground, and stopped the king’s envoy and sang a song until he opened a gate to drag him to it .. And found himself in a black barren land, clouded skies, there is only rocks and dead trees, he does not know what this place !! Is it in the Lower World? Is this shape or somewhere on the ground did not skip it by one foot before? !!
    They pulled him to the top of a hill above the ground at a distance not too large, to put his head on a rock, and tie it with chains so as not to move, and here comes a huge body, terrifying body holding a huge sword in his hand, seems to be the executioner who will cut his head, Until the head flew .. the executioner, and as he turned the others until something attacked them in a few seconds and became scattered on the ground
    The king’s envoy stopped. He tried to move, but this thing attacked him very quickly and made his feet fly and fell on the ground.
    Tenp was surprised at what was happening to him, but this thing cut off the strings tied to it, and as soon as Tenp stood on his feet, he shouted:
  • who are you ?! What do you want .. Why did you do that?
    But received no answer, has disappeared this entity ..
    The gate opened again, and Tenp walked by, but the king’s envoy said to him, “He is lying on the ground,
  • Even this will not make you succeed ..
    He looked at him and said:
  • You seem to be wrong, and hit him hard on the face until he smashed it.
    He entered the gate to find himself at his broken palace .. They destroyed him !!
    Faster inside but what is this? Everything has been destroyed. Everything that has been built has become ashes. His assistants have been killed, his sons have been slaughtered, everything has been lost.
    He received treachery from his mentor, killing the nearest person to him for the throne ..
    Tenp had great anger, and returned to the gathering of his strength, changed to the devil’s problem, and rushed to the graves until he returned to ask the entities of darkness, but this time they answered him as follows:
  • Son of “Philos” has issued the last order
  • Who issued it?
  • Go to the well ..
  • Any well? what are you talking about ?!
    The Devil ‘s Well
  • where is he ? How do I find it?
    You will not find it on your own, and soon one of the tombs opens up to get out of it a black entity, approaching it quickly, and holding its head, until it has planted in its head the place of the devil’s well, which no one knows except those dark entities.
    He made his wings and flew as fast as he could to the well.
    He was in a very faraway place on an island that is not inhabited by one. He went to one of the caves of this island, in a very deep cave, where he sat there with his black water like the night. He approached the well and went down to the bottom, as if the well had taken him to the past. In a great battle, between two groups of demons, and in the midst of this battle there was a great creature strong strong with two hands in his hands with fire, and he fought with all force and ferocity ..
    Hundreds of devils, ghouls and apostates were killed in this battle. No one was able to confront him, until one of his commanders came to stand beside him and said:
  • I am with you, King Felius “
    And they were fighting with all force and ruthless without mercy, and in the middle of this and when he was “Philos” busy fighting, and without realizing, this commander came from behind and stabbed in the chest fell on the ground and looked at him and said:
  • Are you “Arkos”? !!
  • For every beginning, O Moulay ..
    His foes rushed to kill him and he was injured, but he stood in front of them and fought, and because he was not full of his strength multiplied and killed him, one of the guards rushed to his palace to tell his wife Queen “Magdonia” about the death of her husband the king, and was in the process of giving birth , They asked her to run away but she refused, and stayed until she put the child ..
    In the meantime, the victory was in the hands of the demons of the Agencenes, who later joined the attack on the palace and was accompanied by traitor Arcos “who long wanted to occupy the throne of this kingdom ..
    They stormed the palace, and at this moment the Queen read a mantra on the door of the room so that no one could enter for a while.
    In the meantime they were able to defeat Ghoul who was guarding the palace, tried to storm the room, but unsuccessfully ordered her maid “Hydra” to escape the child to a place far from here so that no one can chase them, broke the window and flew from them ..
    At this moment, “Arcos” broke the door and entered to find her very tired from birth, and found the window broken, ordered one of the soldiers to feed the maid.
    The queen was in a coma like the dead, read “Arkos” some of the songs until she woke up, that is, she was not dead as her servant thought, looked at her and said:
  • Where did the maid go with the child? I spoke and I will make you live, I looked at him contemptuously and stared at him and said to him:
  • I hope that my son will grow up and uproot your head from his place, you traitor. He looked at her angrily, raised his sword in the air and stabbed her until she died.
    Tenp saw all this as if he were really with them on this fateful night.
    And here the places quickly changed to find himself standing in front of a very great throne, and around him there are guards, no number of them, strong structures differ from any guards of the devils, standing around this throne, and found in front of him an object indescribable form in all respects,

Satan among everyone, and in the middle of this very vast place looked at him this monster object and said:

Prince of Darkness wonderful story Part
Prince of Darkness wonderful story Part
  • Your time, my son ..
    He looked at him “Tenp” and is in the most terrible situations to say to him:
  • Time what?
  • To restore the throne of your father, what you did in the world of human beings make you deserve it well, and you have decided to be king
  • Can I know who you are, great King?
  • I am your great grandfather and the father of all devils and the king of this world .. I “Lucifer”
    In the meantime he was followed by the last spell to become the prince of darkness to the maximum strength and is the power of his father, which he inherited after the last spell.
    Tenp came out of the well to find that he had the power of the true king of this world. He changed his shape until he became like his father in body and power. He made his four wings to penetrate the wall of the cave and fly at full speed to the sky. Space, and then landed to reach the ground and then opened the last gate .. The gate of the lower world …
    In the Palace of King “Philos” sat “Archos” on his throne and beside him “Hidos” and guards deployed in the outlets of the palace and its entrances .. “Hidos”:
  • Are you satisfied now, sir? Did not I tell you that I will bring him into the evil of his works?
  • Hahaha .. Well done, “Hidos” I am now the king after the murder of this boy, but why they delayed bringing his head to me?
    What is this noise? What do you watch? Then the Prince of Darkness enters the palace door and holds the head of the guards in his hand, stopping “Arcos” and shouting at all the guards to catch him.
    He shouted “Tenb” saying:
  • Your end is approaching, Archos ..
    A large number of demons and elves gathered around Erkus, who ordered them to kill Tenp. They attacked him, but this time he was in full readiness. He was carrying a burning sword like his father. He attacked them and killed hundreds of them. Stop it until it has eliminated them all ..
    He looked at “Archos” and said to him:
  • It ‘s your turn now.
    Arkus made his wings and ran away from the palace and was followed by Tenb to fight outside. Their fighting was one of the most intense fighting. The fighting shook the underworld, and thousands of the inhabitants of this world witnessed their eyes. He fought with all his strength, and even “Arcos” fought for a long time until he exhausted both sides.
    They stood on this flaming land, looking at each other eagerly to kill him.
  • Son of “Philos” We have stopped fighting Let’s stop, take the kingdom I do not want ..
  • The kingdom ? Well .. and what else?
  • what do you want ? Is not that what you’ve been looking for throughout your life?
  • And what about my father who killed him treacherously, and my mother who killed her and she is on the bed .. How will you return ??
    He looked at him, “Erkus” and he is in the extreme exhaustion, and the other, in a revolution of anger, attacked him furiously, and he was beating him with all force, but “Erkus” had been exhausted and could not fight “Tenp” fell to the ground ..
    The shadow of “Arcos” begs him to leave him, but the lack of compassion that was still present in the eyes of the “Tenp” blacks made him raise one of his swords and a loud cry cut off his head “Arkos”
    The Prince of Darkness went to the palace, carrying the head of Arcos in his hand. He was still calling for Hidus. He was in the most angry state, but Hidus used the opportunity to fight them and fled to the human world. And the next day a large number of devils, ghouls, apostates, and sprites came to witness the coronation of the new king. One of the great magicians stood by the devils and placed the crown on his head, and in the meantime came a girl of her form Is not a full human and not a complete demonic also, that is, between that and that close in age and said to him:
    I am an emissary from King Lucifer. I am one of his daughters, and I also saved you from what they wanted to kill you, and will also become your future wife. These are my father’s orders.
  • I greet you and greet the king “Lucifer” and thank you for saving me at that difficult time, and accept your wife, O Queen of the Underworld ..
    In this great celebration, which takes place in a world absent from the human eye, the Prince of Darkness took over the throne and became king, and married the daughter of the Great Satan “Lucifer” and is now the bearer of the next throne …
    Conclusion Dear Reader ..
    Perhaps the Prince of Darkness has won and recovered his father’s throne and succeeded in everything he did throughout his life from killing, vandalizing and spreading destruction.
    I think in my mind it’s just a fantasy story, but maybe no one will believe me when I say maybe it’s closer to the truth than to the fantasy.
    Does the Prince of Darkness exist? .. I like to say that it exists, everywhere, is not the prince of darkness confined to one, on the contrary, it is confined to a large number of princes of darkness ..
    The prince of darkness is every person who makes the destruction, every person who spreads wars in the world, every person who puts the poison to our children through drugs, everyone makes weapons of mass destruction, every one desecrates the holy lands, every one defiles our symptoms and desecrates our sanctities and kills innocent people. Is the prince of darkness ..
    He may have won this time, but there is a promise there tomorrow and the sun will shine, and the era of darkness will end and peace will come and as it is said that good always triumphs no matter how long …

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